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Exceptional care......extraordinary approach. Taking care of your bowel....and YOU!

At The Bowel Clinic EVERYTHING is about YOU. Your needs, your concerns, your wishes...after all it is YOUR body.

The path to restoring your bowel health starts right here.

While bowel problems can be similar, we know that no two individuals (or bowels!) are the same, so every situation is unique. This is why the care you receive will be personalised and tailored to YOUR individual circumstances.

Your entire journey with us has been designed to fit with today's busy lives, so we've made it simple and frustration-free by taking advantage of modern digital technology:

+ No problems communicating with us: we use all the same modern methods as you so feel free to SMS/DM/email us for a rapid response but we still love to hear from you / see you in person so don't hesitate to give us a call just to chat or pop in and see us if you prefer!

+ No long waiting times to be seen: our advanced administrative processes prioritise appointments and improve efficiency to reduce your waiting times not only to be seen but also on the day!  

+ No struggling to access YOUR health records: we share all your records with you so you have them wherever and whenever you need them!

...and that's just the start....  

We are dedicated to working closely with you in order to provide you with exactly what you need to transform your bowel health and feel's just what we do!

The Bowel Clinic is ready to help you, so get in touch!

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